DIY Soda Crate Advent Calendar 2012

Why are advent calendars mainly for kids? It’s not fair. So I decided to make a grown-up one just for Ian and I that is more about doing holiday activities rather than toys and candy. 


  1. Vintage Soda Crate with 24 sections 
  2. 24 2” Boxes
  3. Advent Calendar Activity Template and Paper in the color of your choice
  4. Wood Buttons (I used the leftovers that I made for our wedding, but you can get similar ones on Etsy)
  5. Red & Green Twine

1. Write or stamp numbers 1-24 on the front of each unfolded box. 

2. Make a list of twenty-four holiday activites to do at home and in/around your city. Handwrite or print them onto the Activity Template and cut out each square (I like to leave a tiny border around each square).

3. Fold up boxes and fill with the activity and goodies that match (e.g. “Make hot cocoa”; fill the box with marshmallows). 

4. Decorate the boxes with the wood buttons and twine (half red, half green). The buttons allow for easy grabbage of the boxes when put into the tight sections.

5. Put boxes randomly into the soda crate, alternating between the green and red twine. 

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