DIY Gold Fringe Photo Backdrop

Carol here, guest posting on one of the DIYs we did for the New Year’s Eve party.

With the new year and all the January organization and shelving sales, I was determined to organize the office loft in my apartment. I received a shelving unit the week before our party and the best part, besides being able to organize my closet, was the large cardboard box it came in. 

When Christine arrived the morning of the party, we stared at the box, wondering how we could reuse it to create an amazing piece of decor. 

  • A coffee table covered with a linen?
  • A fort or cardboard box house? 
  • Or maybe…an awesome backdrop?

gold fringe backdrop


  1. 3 packs of gold fringe ($7.99/pack at Party City)
  2. Double-sided tape
  3. ~ 5’ x 6’ cardboard (we used a shipping box taken apart and taped to create a flat rectangle)
  4. Fishing line
  5. 3-4 large picture hooks from Ikea

gold fringe
1. Lay your cardboard box out and tape to create a rectangle. 

cardboard box
2. Using double-sided tape, tape the gold fringe to the cardboard, starting at the bottom and moving up. Instead of doing straight rows (which could end up looking like thatching for a tiki-themed party), we laid out the fringe in diagonals and overlapped short and long pieces to create texture and dimension.

gold fringe backdrop steps
4. We ended up using three picture frame hooks which we just punched into the top of the cardboard and used fishing line to hang from nails on the patio roof. 

The end result:




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