Chris & Tarla’s Invitations

After a several months of planning and figuring out the wedding details for Tarla & Chris’ wedding, the invitation design finally came into place just months before the big day. Tarla and Chris wanted a playful, casual vibe and I think that comes across well with the colors and wording that they provided.

The first thing guests see when opening the envelopes, is an off-white wrap closed off with a sage green sticker with the couple’s first names. 

imageOnce opened, the main card is revealed. 

A tri-fold accordion card is screen-printed in navy blue and white ink on thick kraft cover paper and bears most of the wedding details. 

imageimageThe first section announces their marriage.

The second section details the wedding date, time and location. 

The third section is an RSVP postcard that is perforated so that guests can easily rip off the card and send it back to the couple.

The back of the postcard is also screen-printed in white ink with “RSVP” that I had hand-lettered. 

The rehearsal dinner invitation is printed on a yellow shipping tag in black ink. These shipping tag invitations can go along with almost any wedding invitations and are available in my shop with or without envelopes or as an additional component to the invitations I sell. 

The off-white wrap details other information about the wedding and a few fun facts about the couple on the sides. 

And there you have it…

If you’re interested in purchasing these invitations, go here for all the details. 

There are two versions available: 1. Screen-Printed (shown in the photos) or 2. Printed in shades of black ink

Feel free to ask any questions that you might have via my Etsy shop.

Thanks for looking!

Chris & Tarla’s Save the Dates

image One of my friends, Tarla, got married this past July and I couldn’t have been more thrilled when she asked us to plan/design her wedding just weeks after getting engaged. Tarla did in fact marry us, how could we say no?


Designing this was a bit of a challenge, because the wedding was so far away and we hadn’t really envisioned what the wedding would be like yet. She knew her wedding colors (navy, white, succulent green and yellow) and that the invitations had to emanate a feeling of fun, casualness and flags.

This was what we came up with: 

The main card design is printed in black ink on chipboard. 

To make the save the date more interactive, we added a little calendar tag that guests would be able to hang wherever they pleased.

The navy blue envelopes were then finished off with these beautiful butterfly postage stamps.

Happy Father’s Day!

I LOVE buying greeting cards. Especially because we have such a a good selection at all the local shops in Portland. But at $5.00 a card, I can’t keep it up. So I’ve taken it upon myself to hand-letter my own. Here are a few more (I’m still learning!):

Backyard Movie Night

Spring is here and the weather is finally starting to perk up here in Portland, so a little backyard movie night for Ian’s birthday was in order.

We screened Fantastic Mr. Fox, one of our favorite movies, which gave way to the orange, yellow and red theme. ($20 DIY movie screen instructions coming soon.)

We strung up market lights all around and wrapped Christmas lights around our cherry tree.

This year, Ian asked that I make him a carrot cake. I decided to make this recipe into cupcakes with a few adjustments. 

For the movie snacks, I made two kinds of popcorn: Olive Oil + Sea Salt and Salted Caramel Popcorn. Recipes for both were from here and they turned out delicious. I also made a spicy seasoning (salt, paprika and cayenne) for those that wanted to add a bit of a kick to their popcorn. Then completed the snack table with popcorn bags, licorice, gummy bears and a few other random snacks.

Afterwards, we gathered around our fire pit to keep warm and made some s’mores.

imageimage Great ending to an awesome night.

[Photos taken by us and Matt Sacks.]

Backpacking the Deschutes River

 The weather has been getting a bit warmer, so we decided to go on a one-night backpacking trip for President’s Day weekend at Deschutes River State Recreation Area. 

It was a 7.5 mile roundtrip trail, which was a bit shorter than we were hoping for, but this hike was the only one in our book, One Night Wilderness: Portland by Douglas Lorain, that wouldn’t be below 25˚F at night, which was not something I wanted to deal with.

The trail went along the Deschutes River, which made for amazing scenery. 

The camp was right on the river and I had one of the best outdoor sleeps  that night, even with the few passing trains chugging by. 

The next morning, we packed up our gear and took a different route back to the car, going up the hills to see the real views of the valley. 

Although this hike wasn’t very detached from the “real world”, it was in a way very peaceful and quiet, even with the passing trains. 


THE GOOD: beautiful views, easy hike, modern bathroom
THE BAD: short, low rating on the solitude scale

After the hike, we stopped by Double Mountain Brewery for some delicious pizza and beers.

Wedding Invitation Suites in the Shop!

We have been making custom invitations since we opened last year for awesome clients who specifically email us with their ideas. They put their complete trust in us without ever seeing examples and we love them for it. We even created an invitation completely in Swedish last year and will possibly be doing another in French! It’s very exciting.

Now, two of our invitation suites are finally in the shop so that anyone can get their hands on them for their special day. We even gave them cute woodsy names!



We can’t wait to work with you.

Advent Calendar 2012 - Day 1

Day 1  |  Cut a Christmas Tree and Decorate  |  Inside: Handmade mitten ornament 

We headed to Shriver Farm in Gresham, OR and found a six foot Colorado Spruce that had to come home with us. 

Although we could have easily gotten a Christmas tree within a couple blocks of us, it was worth the 35 minute drive because they had a vast selection and it only cost fifteen bucks!

We took out the ornaments I made last year and got to decorating while listening to the A Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack and sipping on a favorite beer. It was perfect.

DIY Soda Crate Advent Calendar 2012

Why are advent calendars mainly for kids? It’s not fair. So I decided to make a grown-up one just for Ian and I that is more about doing holiday activities rather than toys and candy. 


  1. Vintage Soda Crate with 24 sections 
  2. 24 2” Boxes
  3. Advent Calendar Activity Template and Paper in the color of your choice
  4. Wood Buttons (I used the leftovers that I made for our wedding, but you can get similar ones on Etsy)
  5. Red & Green Twine

1. Write or stamp numbers 1-24 on the front of each unfolded box. 

2. Make a list of twenty-four holiday activites to do at home and in/around your city. Handwrite or print them onto the Activity Template and cut out each square (I like to leave a tiny border around each square).

3. Fold up boxes and fill with the activity and goodies that match (e.g. “Make hot cocoa”; fill the box with marshmallows). 

4. Decorate the boxes with the wood buttons and twine (half red, half green). The buttons allow for easy grabbage of the boxes when put into the tight sections.

5. Put boxes randomly into the soda crate, alternating between the green and red twine. 

Holiday Gift Tags

Wood & Grain gift tags are in the shop!

The first set contains six different messages (2 of each):

The second set contains three different messages (3 of each):

Make gifts extra special by layering them with these tags; available in black or white ink.

Want personalized labels with your names? Just message me on Etsy with your inquiries. 

Happy Gifting!